Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Virtual tour software to improve the work of a real estate agent

I am very sure that a real estate agent has a really though job. He must spent a lot of time visiting every potential client house, also to understand the benefits of moving there, to make a whole set of pictures of the exterior and then try to find potential clients that would like that particular house. 

The process is complicated, it takes tons of time, and as houses being sold and bought very often, sometimes the work will not mean anything if a sale is not being made or if iit is being made by someone else. That means a lot of driving to the property to prepare it for selling and then a lot of discussions and presentations of that certain place to potential clients.

It is simply to understand that no one can do too many times in a day. Maybe some customers want to see a place in the same time because they have very busy schedules, while others always tend to be late or very late.

But Tour Wizard has the best solution.
A Realestate virtual tour - which basically is an innovative new way of presenting a place to all the potential clients. 360 degree view on the house from inside and outside . The client would be able to see every room in every details and from every corner. Nothing is left unpictured and everything is crystal clear. The best part is that he can do all this seeing from his home. So no more wasting time trying to present a house, no more overlapping clients. Just be there for the final view before someone actually wants to purchase it.

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