Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best real estate appraiser in Orange County (California)

For years I have been in search for the best real estate appraiser in Orange County, California - you see in my everyday job I need to work with all sorts of appraisers from all kind of places all over California and beyond.

In the beginning I worked with several local companies, in fact I had a collaborator/appraiser in each city I was doing business in but in the long term I needed someone whom I could use on regular basis in my appraisal needs and someone who understood my schedule and the way I organize myself. That's when I started searching for a true professional that was able to do all the necessary tasks quickly and in an really professional manner.

During the last few years I went through at least 10 appraisers, as I was not able to collaborate with them in a professional way (there were always problems, delays and other things that did not allow me to conduct my business fast enough). Also – they all started out with a good attitude but eventually we had problems with them and their quality and turn time became substandard.
Well.. until one day, when I met Kevin (from KevCo - the best Orange county appraiser) when I needed an appraisal in Orange County (and none of my previous collaborators were answering the phone). I want to say that the experience with Kevin was extraordinary, and from that day I am working only with his company.

Doing business in California can be challenging, but sometimes you just find some great people like Kevin and you know that things are going to greatly improve.